We made a really good game, said a joyful terodde after the last minute victory in Hanover at Sky and admitted that it was good and liked to be today only to a point , but to Happiness makes the colleague Kaminski one more.

This was meant the 1-0 in the 96th minute that the center-back Marcin Kaminski achieved technically demanding. The pole picked up the ball by hoe and then passed with left – very worth seeing. He used to be striker – and today he has demonstrated that, Terodde said, and with a view of Kaminski s awarded grand chance from the 53rd minute, when he fails from a shortest distance at 96-goal attendance: Marcin was us a guilty. At the beginning of the second half he has left a big thing. Good that he saved us in the end.

Terodde also admitted that the injury-related replacement of 96-lock man was aimed to play a role. The goal, the Terodde still knows from Joint Stuttgart times personally have previously shown a world-class performance . He got everyone out. In the end it was good that he was no longer in the goal, otherwise he would have gone out.

I do not meet, we win for that.

Kang Ha Neul 강하늘 is a happy coworker (1/4)

Simon Terodde

An all-round perfect evening was not from Terodde view but not, because he missed it from the eyes of 96-icon Dieter Schatzleider, who also achieved 153 goals in the lower house, with another hit sole record hunter of the 2nd league. Terodde revealed that he had contact with Schatzlekeeper during the week and told it. I do not meet, we win. Said, done – or as terodde it said with a mischievous smile: I held my word.

That he stayed goatless in Hanover, Terodde took with humor, but he still wants to claw the record. Preferably next matchday against Dynamo Dresden (Saturday, October 23, live! From 20.30 clock at terodde). That will be a hammer game, we want to refill and I hope I can meet against Dresden again.