Although each only is currently talking about Diablo 2 Resurrected, Diablo 4 and Diablo Immortal, but there is still a Diablo game that is actively played. And what Diablo 3 is concerned, Blizzard developer Wyatt Cheng obviously had conversation needs. In Zig Tweets he took the time to make some false impressions out of the way and to cut themes like the auction house and learned lessons.

Here are the most important findings from the tweets:

The developers often hear the accusation that Diablo 3 (Buy Now $ 30.45) was designed around the auction house. That s wrong. When the internal tests ran, the auction house was not yet implemented.
Instead, the tuning was based on the great role model Diablo 2: There you can do what D2R is currently also beautiful, not just as normal, nightmare and then playing through hell. You have to insert farm rounds in between to enhance the equipment for the next level of difficulty or act. Such compulsory farm rounds were also considered for Diablo 3. And indeed, the internal testers, including Wyatt Chang, farmed, in front of the launch of countless hours of equipment, to finally master the highest levels of difficulty.
After the launch, players, however, instead felt useful to use the auction house to buy equipment upgrades there. That was an unwanted result.
A lesson that Wyatt has learned: they had to do a lot more public tests in front of the launch. The test to the skeleton king was not nearly good enough. The tests would have to run longer and have much more content.
The second lesson: one should always install sufficient time buffer to allow the findings from such tests to be incorporated into development. Sufficient but not days or weeks, but several months.
Unfortunately, it is very difficult to defend such a long period of time without concrete, early defined milestones and tasks to the end. In the course of a development cycle, there are always reasons for noticeably shortening such a period.
Lesson number 3: It does not matter which design goals the team had when players playing and experiencing the game then Anders . Even if the tuning was not designed around the auction house, the players felt necessary to use the AH for the character progress from a certain point. It s also clear, players mostly go the way of the least resistance. And that is also absolutely okay.
It was a bit naïve from developers to believe that the players who want a challenge to come through the content farms, and all others visit the auction house and make it easier.
Instead of Diablo 3 was designed around the auction house So you should say better The tuning of Diablo 3 has driven the players to the accessible auction house .

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