Genshin Impact brings patch 2.3 most likely in November. As always, Meinmmo summarizes what we already know about the upcoming update.

So far, nothing has been said about patch 2.3 from the official side. However, there are already some leaks to the new content of 2.3, which we do not want to be withheld.

So if you are not interested in leaks and spoilers, we recommend not to scroll.

Update from 14 October: A lot of leaks are incremented:

Information about Arataki ITTO, its skills, constellations, values ​​and gameplay.
Information about Gorou, its skills, constellations, values ​​and gameplay.
The pictures when your Gorou and ITTO pulls out of the banners (Via Twitter).
Gorous and ITTOS dishes (Via Twitter).
Two new artifact sets.
New weapons.
Coming events.
A new PET (via Twitter).
A new tool, which you can catch your wild animals and keep in your potential transience (via Twitter).
New World Boss you have to defeat to get material for ITTO (Via Twitter).

Attention: Leaks can always deviate from the official game or turn out to be wrong. Should something change or confirm, we will report you about it.

Leaks to Arataki ITTO – should become strong Geo-Main-DPs

Who is Arataki ITTO? ITTO already occurred in the game more often, but he has no face yet. He is described as big and strong and should own two major horns as he should belong to the ONI. His Divine Eye was confiscated by Sara Kujou.

Oni are Yokai in Japanese mythology. Yokai are figures that can be compared to the appearance with demons. You usually have horns, sharp claws and are displayed scary (Via Wikipedia).

Even though he makes a fear of influence, he is nice to children and a peaceful contemporary. Only at Sara he is on a fight every time. They are rivals. In addition, he should have killed himself almost himself with Yae s rameways. These noodle soups contained fried tofu beans, whereas ONI react allergic.

ItTo is intended to be a strong 5-star Geo-Main-DPS that leads a two-handed. Still it was not confirmed by official site that he will be available in Patch 2.3. Some ingame pictures for the character menu are already available (via Twitter).

These are his skills: His skills, constellations and values ​​were jellacted by Genshin Intel, which is known as a trusting leader (via Twitter).

Standard attack: ITTO uses 4 consecutive attacks. When the 4th attack meets, he collects 2 stacks of superlative superstrength . If this effect is triggered, the duration of the duration of the previous stacks is refreshed. Maxmial can be collected 5 stacks.
Fitly blows: With a stacking of superlative superstrength you can perform a so-called Arataki Kesagiri slit that consumes no endurance. When the final stacking is used up, ITTO releases a particularly strong slitter.
ITTO only performs a Saichimonji slitter if you do not have stacks.
Elemental ability, Masatsu Zetsugi: Akaushi burst! : ITTO summons Ushi , an Akaushi bull, which causes Geo-damage to opponents and has the following properties:
When ushi encourages opponents, he gives itto a stacking of superlative superstrength .
Attracts the attacks of the enemies – serves as a distraction.
His life depends on the maximum life points (LP) of ITTO.
If Uhi is attacked, ITTO will receive a stack of superlative superstrength (every 2 seconds possible).
Ushi goes from the field when the 6 seconds of duration of duration are allowed or he has fallen to 0 LP. When he leaves the field, he will give ITTO a stack of superlative superstrength .
Cooldown: 10 seconds.
If you keep the elemental ability pressed, you can determine the spawn position of Ushi.
The bull is considered the Geo object.
Special ability, Royal Descent: Behold, ITTO THE EVIL! : Leave him a club called Oni King s Kanabou and it expires in the Raging Oni King status:
Standard attacks, violent strikes and attacks in the case are considered Geo-damage. This item can not be overwritten by others.
ITTOS attack is increased based on its defense.
The attack speed is increased.
The 1st, 2nd and 3rd station wagon of the standard attacks give ITTO a stacking of superlative superstrength when he meets.
He gets 20% elemental and physical resistance.
The effect ends immediately when ITTO leaves the field.

Here you can see gameplay in which Arataki Itto uses its special ability:

ITTOS constellations:

1. Star picture, Stay a while on lists up : If ITTO uses its special ability, he gets 2 stacks of superlative superstrength . For every second, in which he works his special ability, he gets a stacking until he has collected three pieces.
2 . Star picture, Gather s Round, It s a Brawl! : ITTO regenerates 6 element energy per Geo character in Team 6 Elemental energy and reduces the cooldown of its special ability by 1.5 seconds when it uses its special ability. Up to 6 seconds can be reduced in the manner and 24 elementary energy can be purchased.
3 . Star picture, Horns Lowered, Coming Through : 3 levels are added to his elemental ability.
4 . Star picture, Jailhouse Bread and Butter : If ITTO is in Raging Oni King status, its critical hit rate increases by 25% as soon as he fights for enemies, which have equal to many or less LP% than he himself.
5 . Star picture, 10 Years of Hanamizaka Fam : 3 levels are added to its special ability.
6 . Star picture, Arataki ITTO, Present! : His fierce blows cause 50% increased critical damage. In addition, his Arataki Kesagiri slots have a 50% chance to consume no stacks of superlative superstrength .

ITTOS Passive Talents:

Arataki Ichiban : Does ITTO attack continuously with Arataki Kesagiri slides, he receives the following effects:
Each slitter accelerates the subsequent slot by 10%. The maximum attack speed that you can collect is 30%.
Dramatically increases its resistance to interruptions.
Bloodline of the Crimson Oni : ItTOS is damaged, based on its defense, increased by 35%.
Warrior s Burden : For a short time, the standard attack combination will not be interrupted if it has worked its elemental ability or sprinted.
Woodchuck Chucked : You have a chance of 25% additional wood when wood chopping.

If you have itTo on maximum friendship, as always, as always, a namecard (via twitter). In addition, the Twitter page Genshinsmains created a picture, which gives you an overview, which needs Arataki ITTO materials (Via Twitter).

Leaks to Gorou – Support should only be for Geo-figures

Who is Gorou? Gorou is a loyal folly of Kokomi. His appearance is based on a dog breed called Shiba Inu, which was additionally mixed in Genshin Impact with wolf attributes.

He uses a bow as a weapon and has the element Geo. Besides, Gorou is a 4-star support for GEO teams.

These are his skills: His skills, constellations and values ​​were jellacted by Genshin Intel, which is known as a trusting leader (via Twitter).

Standard attack: shoots up to 5 arrows.
Fitly blows: The shot distributes slightly higher damage. If you fully upload the shot, the arrow sets up Geo damage.
Elemental ability, Inuzaka All-Round Defense : causes geo-surface damage when triggering and built a General s War Banner field, which has these properties:
A Geo Character in the Team: Defense Bonus.
2 GeO characters in the team add resistance to interruption.
3 Geo characters in the team add a Geo-damage bonus.
Only one banner can exist on the field.
Special ability, Juuga: Forward Unto Victory : Gorou shares geo-surface damage when tripping and builds a field that means General s Glory and brings the following properties:
It has the same buff effects like Gorous elemental ability.
The field moves with the active character.
A Crystal Collapse is generated every 1.5 seconds, which triggers Geo-surface damage.
All elementary shards, which rose from the crystallized reaction, are drawn to the active character every 1.5 seconds.

Gorous constellations:

1. Star picture, Rushing Hound: Swift as the Wind : If characters, except Gorou themselves, cause geo-damage to enemies while they are in the field of elemental or special ability, the cooldown of Gorous elemental ability decreases by 2 seconds. This effect can be triggered every 10 seconds.
2 . Star picture, Sitting Hound: Steady AS A Clock : If the active figure in the Gorous specialty field box collects an elementary shard from the crystallization effect, the duration of the duration of gorous special ability is increased by one second. Maximum the ability can be increased by 3 seconds.
3 . Star picture, Mauling Hound: Fierce as Fire : 3 levels are added to its elemental ability.
4 . Star picture, Lapping Hound: Warm As Water : If you have 2 or more Geo characters in the team, Gorous s specialty capacity within the field heals the active character. Every 1.5 seconds, the figure is cured based on 50% of Gorous defense.
5 . Star picture, Striking Hound: Thunderous Force : 3 levels are added to his special ability.
6 . Star picture, Valiant Hound: Mountainous Featty : Depending on how many Geo characters you have in the team, the critical damage of Geo-damage of all team members increases. In a character, it receives 10% increase, with two 20% and three 40%.

Gorous passive talents:

Heedless of the Wind and Weather : When Gorou uses its special ability, all team members receive a 25% defense boost. This boost lasts until the duration of the duration of the ability has expired.
A Favor Repaid : Gorou receives a damage bonus based on his defense (VTD):
The damage from its elemental ability is increased by 156% of its VTD.
The damage of Gorous specialty ability and the Crystal Collapse is increased by 15.6% of its VTD.
Seeker of Shinies : Special features of Inazuma are displayed on the Mini Map.

If you have Gorou on maximum friendship, as always, as always, a namecard (via Twitter). In addition, the Twitter page Genshinsmains created a picture, which gives you an overview, which requires Gorou materials (Via Twitter).

Coming Banner in Patch 2.3 Jellact

Which banners are supposed to appear? Ubatcha announces that after so many female characters, finally male figures would be (via Twitter). This statement fits the statement that ITTO, Albedo and Gorou should appear in the banners of patch 2.3 (via Twitter).

However, the statement of another reliable leaker contradicts how Ubatcha says itself. This means that ITTO will first find his way into the game with patch 2.4 (Via Twitter).

Update from October 14: Ubatcha reinforces his previous Tweet again and writes that the 1st banner will be a RERUN and the 2nd banner ITTO contains as a 5-star character and Gorou as a 4-star character (Via Twitter ).

As a result, the banner of ITTO and GOROU will be accessible to you in December.

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Leak: 2 new artifact sets – suitable for Geo and Kokomi

What are the artifact sets? The new sets are adapted to many Geo characters such as ITTO and GOROU. In addition, there is an artifact set to enhance kokomi.

Artifact set Divine Chorus (Via Twitter):
2 parts effect: +15% healing bonus
4 parts Effect: A healing effect generates a Healing Bubble every 3.5 seconds, which collects Stacked Healing . The bubble breaks up after 3 seconds and heals all characters that are nearby 50% of the stacked healing . In addition, opponents injured nearby based on 90% of the stacked healing .
Artifact set HUSK OF OPULENT DREAMS (via Twitter):
2 parts effect: +30% defense
4-piece effect: The GEO damage of the active figure gives you a stack of +6% defense and +6% Geo-damage every 0.3 seconds. A maximum of 4 stacks can be collected. If the figure equipped with the set is not on the field, she gets a stack every 3 seconds. If no new stacks are collected, the buff loses a stack every 6 seconds.

Leaks to new weapons in the update 2.3

Which new weapons will appear? Kate lactes two new weapons. The weapon is the two-hand called The Other Side . The other weapon is to belong to the series of MoosGreen Rock (via Honey Impact) and primeval Jadespeer (via Honey Impact) and called primeval Jadgroßschwert .

NVM Its A Weapon Called The Other Side (The Top One Is Primordial Jade GreatsSWORD, BOTTOM ONE IS What Itto What Using In The Leak)

  • Kate • ITTO 169/180 (@shuonai) October 6, 2021

Update from October 14: More two weapons were isolated. The one weapon is a 4-star builder named Cinnabar Spindle , which appears to be thought of Albedo (via Twitter). The other weapon, a 5-star two-handed name named Redhorn Stonethresher , will probably be available for Arataki ITTO in the weapon banner (Via Twitter).

Linked events that are to come in patch 2.3

Which events should come? On the one hand a Dust and Shadowed Snow event will come in the dragon ridge (via Twitter), on the other hand, Hangout events for Gorou and BeiDou appear (via Twitter). In addition, Itto receives a story quest.

What s in the DragonGrat event? You will get tasks that contain monster masses and a reinforced vaniloqua. In addition, there should be courses that you have to conclude in a certain time.

Fitting to the snow you have to build parts to build the snowman, with which you can build sweet snowmen at the end and placing them in the Housing system. You can exchange the required parts with friends.

Of course, we keep you up to date if new information about the update 2.3 should open.

What do you think about the previous leaks? Are you looking forward to 2.3? Write it into the comments.

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