The stony or rather the simple way to the top? This question must face millions of FIFA fans annually if you start in the new FIFA Ultimate Team season.

The much criticized, but extremely popular fut mode leaves the players the choice of whether they want to put together their success team about real money or hard work. A significant part of the community provides a problem in the discrepancy with regard to approaches.

The best FUT objects are usually available via packs that work like classic Lootboxes, or on the transfer market. In both cases, in-game currency must be invested in order to add the desired strong cards of their own team – either Fut Coins or FIFA Points, on the transfer market is merely to pay with coins.

While these can be played over successes in the gameplay, real money flows for FIFA Points. And exactly in this possibility is the core of the debate.

Chord work or microtransaction

So if it is sought in the chord in the chord or simply paid a few hundred euros, the result could be the same. The difference between a 95-tempo FUT card and a 65-tempo is so serious that can be compensated by better objects of some shortcoming in its own handling of the controller. Players can buy for victory – pay-to-win flat.

The idea is to give our best to map the real world of football

Chris Bruzzo, Chief Experience Officer at FIFA-Publisher EA via Pay-to-Win

On, this topic recently appeared an interview with Chris Bruzzo, Chief Experience Officer at FIFA-Publisher EA. Its explanatory attempts and justifications for the pay-to-win system in FUT were partly controversial.

He sent the statistics to the entire discussion, that 90 percent of all packs in the Ultimate team bought with Fut Coins and never spend 78 percent of all players.

Do you want to treat them like full people

That ten or 22 percent are still tremendous amounts in view of the large player and packages, almost under the table fell. What bruzzo arrived at his main argument: the decision-making freedom of consumers.

EA Wool the players did not patronize. We want to treat them like full people who can make good decisions. And we give them the choice, says Bruzzo.

The free will of the buyer has always been a justification basis for the offer of questionable goods. But not for nothing, legal restrictions were set up in many areas of trade and service to protect people. Gambling, with the FUT is often equated due to the random packaging content, keeps a prime example.

Excluded football as a template

A common denominator of many prohibited or at least selectively accessible goods and services is the increased addictive potential given in FUT Lootbox system.

But to stay with the topic pay-to-win, the objective of the FIFA developers must be clarified. The idea is to do our best to map the real world of football, bruzzo leads out at this point.

More opinion complacent?

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An approach that should be given for a football simulation. But Bruzzo does not only refer to what happens in the square, but also in the extended ecosystem. On the aspect that the Lootboxes contain about players used in competitive multiplayer modes, EAS Chief Experience Officer simply replies: As in real football.

Resources can be used in real football to form the best possible team. And in our video game it is Fut Coins and Fifa Points, Bruzzo continues.

The fact that Neurich clubs such as Manchester City or Paris Saint-Germain determine the events such as Manschester City or Paris Saint-Germain should be reflected in FUT reality. The questionable excesses of a former popular sport, which was based on the performance principle – digitally established and accessible to anyone.

Image of a broken system

The player s hard-working and no real money are regularly looked into the tube when they are overrun by Zig Icons and other special cards from countless packs financed by FIFA Points. On the other hand, Bruzzo is of course right if he says that the skill of the players is still with distance the most fundamental factor for the success rate .

Especially on similar skill levels, quality differences of the FUT teams can still give the rash. And in-game quality is all too often asking in Ultimate Team. EA, according to Bruzzo s statements, seems to be based on a broken system, because the professional football must also face similar allegations and problems. And even if this comparison is dealt with more from explanatory note because conviction: The truly esport-enabled title can hardly rich under these requirements. WEADER GAMING NEWS AUST Everything from the world of ESPORT is available on earlygame .