Among Us will reach consoles PlayStation and xbox at 2021 , game planned, but something after what is initially contemplated. Innersloth hgamemunicated that his popular multiplayer deduction video game will come out after the expected ; although it will not be delayed at 2022.

The study in charge of the title, which hgame not stopped growing throughout the year, hgame issued a statement in the voice of its Community Director, Victoria Tran, to inform PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One of this update of the long-awaited version. After pgamesing through PC, mobile devices, Nintendo Switch and Xbox Game Pgames for computer, the time is about to close the circle in the only platforms that remain subtracted from today.

Among Us presents three physical editions loaded with extrgame for PS4, PS5, Xbox and Switch

How to PLAY Original Xbox games on the Xbox One

We are still on a good way for the launch in consoles this year , although later than we initially intended, they begin by saying about these versions. Since the next update is more than just a simple patch and you will introduce (we hope) two great changes in the game , making sure that they are up to the height and be compatible on all platforms (PC, mobile and consoles) , This means that there are many more obstacles waiting for us, explain.

Among Us will receive a great update with news

Before finishing the year, Among Us will receive a great update with two major changes ; And since they are intended that this throwing patch simultaneously in all versions, the workload is preventing the deadlines to be fulfilled game planned.

Our ideal relegamee date wgame at September , but we ended up moving it later because we did not want anyone to take the game at Xbox or PlayStation have an experience lower than the optimal , underline. A precipitated launch would have been translated into more problems and work.

Among US is available for purchgamee on mobile devices, PC, Nintendo Switch, EPIC Games Store and Xbox Game Pgames for PC; Before finishing 2021, PS Store will arrive for PS4 and PS5 plus the Xbox Store for Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S; It will be integrated into the Xbox Game Pgames Title Bookstore for Consoles.