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Fortnite Down: Web Server Offline for Update 21.10 Today – Time & First Patch

Fortnite is momentarily offline today, the upgrade 21.10 comes. EPIC Games announces maintenance job and also thus a web server downtime for the Battle Royale shooter. The designers call the concrete schedule with the brief message solution Twitter: It begins at 10 a.m. , after that Fortnite is at first down.

Fortnite Down for brand-new spot

Fortnite gets upgrade 21.10: What is in the spot?

Dataminer as well as Leaker Shiina likewise anticipate the Fortnite (now buy EUR 19.99) Update 21.10 presents a skin to the popular adventure movie series Indiana Jones. In enhancement, updates and also modifications for Sleepy Sound, Condo Canyon and Tumbledown Holy place should be due. The latter likewise shows that Epic Games can introduce a kind of Indiana Jones subject. Nonetheless, it is considered to be the truth that brand-new summer season event items as well as tools are presented. With the patch notes in the training course of today’s downtime we learn much more.

As a regulation, the downtimes at Fortnite are short-lived. At lunch break, the web servers must therefore return ** – as well as the Battle Royale shooter need to be played again customarily. Throughout the upkeep work, Epic Games plays up the upgrade 21.10, which has additional adjustments and innovations. The makers are still holding back with concrete details; The spot notes only follow throughout the early morning. Nonetheless, there are already first indications of the innovations. Amongst various other points, it is verified that this week Vibin pursuits will ultimately appear after the upgrade.

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EPIC Games announces upkeep job and also thus a web server downtime for the Battle Royale shooter. The developers call the concrete schedule with the short message service Twitter: It begins at 10 a.m. , after that Fortnite is initially down. At lunch, the web servers need to therefore return – and also the Battle Royale shooter must be played once more as common. Dataminer and also Leaker Shiina additionally anticipate the Fortnite (now purchase EUR 19.99) Update 21.10 ** presents a skin to the popular experience movie series Indiana Jones.

Outriders WorldSlayer List of all legendary weapons

Modernized and strong weapons increases the players’ game experience and guarantees them reliability in adverse situations. Fortunately, the new part of Outriders Worldslayer added a total of 9 more weapons for their players, which they can choose and use to destroy some strong enemies. In this leadership, we will consider all this new legendary weapon added to the WorldSlayer supplement for Outriders, its features and reasons why you should choose it.

Outriders WorldSlayer List of all legendary weapons

Trying to survive in a deadly dark universe, players can use various types of powerful weapons to arm and use them in a collision with bosses and other threats. With the addition of 9 new legendary weapons, Outriders WorldSlayer provided its players with freedom of choice and game from various options. Below is a list of all the presented new weapons with their characteristics and modifications.


We start our list with a new weapon called Lumber Jack. If you belong to the class of technomants, this is for you. This is the only presented new legendary personal weapon, and it is best for you to believe that it copes well with its task. This weapon is supplied with Extractor of the Essence as well as legendary minefield fashion III.

Whenever the players strike a successful blow and amaze enemies with status effects, the essence extractor restores 5% of their maximum health. Moreover, each status effect that enemies receive is multiplying the amount of healing for players.


In addition, each critical shot causes an explosion around your enemies, inflicting significant damage to them. And finally, the lumberjack also has improved toxic bullets, which poison enemies with each hit.

Hm thunder

Secondly, in our list-thunder. It is classified as a shotgun equipped with revenge of Nicholas as well as concentration explosion of level III.

The mod helps the pool released by the players to tie about five enemies at the same time, if they are within 4 meters and around the original goal. This will give every five huge damage for 2 seconds.

In addition, he also comes with Shot Whippeed, which collapses light on enemies, inflicting significant damage to them for 3 seconds. Finally, with each critical shot, performed by players, the enemies in the arena will explode.

Charged spear

A charred spear is a storming gun with two guns. He comes with death of death as well as justice of the level III.

When using this weapon, if the players aim at the sight, he will form an anomaly beam and inflict a damage to the enemy in the amount of 0.3 whenever he is in contact with him.

What is even worse for enemies, every shot that you apply on them will celebrate them. Therefore, whenever you reload your weapon, each marked enemy will apply ten times more damage. Tags will be removed as soon as you switch your weapon.

In addition, with the help of a resistance destroyer, each successful shot reduces the target resistance by 35% by 6 seconds.


Mythos is classified as a light machine gun with a unique omen of the III Exclusive mod.

This allows the players to destroy enemies, releasing the shells of anomalies, which not only easily break the enemies to pieces, but also cause bleeding and damage. In addition, the damage obtained by enemies increases by as many as 30% by a few seconds.

Landscape of Death

Death Scape is described as an assault rifle. Again, this serves as a great goal if you are part of the Technomancer class. It is also equipped with unique stigmatized as well as solemn discovery exclusive mods of the III level.

The mod allows the weapon to mark not only enemies, but also every successful shot; It has a toxic effect on them for about 5 seconds. And as soon as the noted enemy is killed, he will cause an explosion that inflicted more damage to other enemies within a radius of 6 meters.

Moreover, if players can get every first bullet from the new store, a powerful explosion will occur and will cause damage within a radius of 5 meters. Finally, with Damage Link, a shot combines up to four enemies that share 50% of their damage and 15% of their damage from anomaly.

Last repentance

Final Penance is a double pistol with rage of a magician and also voracious locust exclusive mods of the III level. It gives players 10% abnormal force for 10 seconds with each critical shot. And it can be folded about four times.

Moreover, with the help of voracious locusts within a radius of 6 meters from the arena, a swarm of locusts is produced, which causes damage and causes weakness among enemies for about 6 seconds.


Sunfall belongs to the category of submachine guns. Again, it is great for players belonging to techno dancers. It is equipped with a fiery storm as well as life and death exclusive mods of level III.

With each successful shot from this weapon, players can cause fire storm within a radius of 8 meters of the field. This deadly storm not only causes huge damage to enemies, but also causes burns. With each hit on the enemy, the radius of the fire storm increases.

Moreover, shots that kill enemies cause an explosion that restores players with 20% of maximum health. Finally, with the help of a resistance destroyer, each successful shot reduces the target resistance by 35%.


Decadence is an automatic sniper rifle that players can equip. It comes with relativity as well as explosion explosion exclusive mods of level III. Each critical shot allows players to reduce the restoration time of one random skill by 10%.

Moreover, critical shots also create explosions that go far by 5 meters for five seconds and apply an poisoning effect to enemies. Finally, with Moanting Winds, when you reboot, it creates an explosion around you and expands it to 8 meters, causing more damage to enemies.


The last addition to the game is an automatic sniper called Vortex. It is great for the Trickster class. He comes with chopping twister as well as concentration explosion exclusive mods.

Each successful shot causes a tornado, which lasts up to 8 seconds. Moreover, with each critical blow, the enemies explode, and the damage is multiplied by the maximum number of 4 enemies within a radius of 6 meters around the original target.

The whirlwind also has improved bullets that inflict weakness to enemies at every successful shot.

Obtain a good 4K now

At Otto you can presently protect a good 4K tv a lot more affordable. The gadget is perfect for PS5 as well as Xbox Series X.

The 4K tv from lg depends on the cutting-edge nanocell technology , which assures a particularly good image quality. Thanks to High Company Reat price and also HDMI 2.1 connections The TV is likewise very good for the PS5 and the Xbox Series X .

Directly to the deal

4K TV from LG: The price at Otto is so good

In the rate comparison (using, the deal of Otto is likewise excellent. The television was just less costly to have once. The affordable price is only just listed below the existing with 679.39 euros .

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suitable for Xbox and PS5

The 65 inch screen is also very appropriate for Pc gaming with PS5 or Xbox Series X | S . It is happily large with 164 centimeters , the photo is lancinating and also contrasting . The skills of the brand-new gaming consoles can be optimally made use of making use of the high refresh rate of 120 Hz as well as the matching HDMI 2.1 connections .

The 4K tv from lg offers good image quality and thanks to Webos 6.0 likewise a clear menu and also access to all relevant streaming applications . The Magic remote push-button control from LG is just one of the various other highlights. It can refine voice commands as well as also has a traditional mouse wheel , that makes navigation extra comfortable.

Safe 4K Television from LG for only EUR 688.69

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The 4K tv from lg supplies good image quality and thanks to Webos 6.0 likewise a clear menu as well as access to all appropriate streaming applications . The 65 inch display is also extremely ideal for Video gaming with PS5 or Xbox Series X | S . It is happily big with 164 centimeters , the picture is razor-sharp and contrasting . The skills of the new consoles can be efficiently used using the high freshen rate of 120 Hz as well as the matching HDMI 2.1 connections .

The Sword Art Online

At the end of June 2020, the designers Archosaur Games introduced the MMORPG and revealed the very first trailer. The beta began in December 2021. From July 14, 2022, Android users can download the finished game, from July 28th computer players.

The MMORPG Noah’s Heart will certainly be formally usable from the end of July and makes a dream become a reality for fans from Sword Art: it creates a globe that is extremely similar to the anime.

What type of video game is that? In the totally free dream MMORPG you produce a personality and also explore the planet Noah.

This content offers the MMO:

To what degree is it comparable to Sao? Initially glimpse, the globe of Noah’s Heart appears to have a whole lot with that of Sao. Aesthetically, they are equivalent in an open dream setting due to the colorful anime graphics.

The virtual environment in Noah’s Heart was produced by a mysterious construct that only calls itself dice (dice). As in the anime collection Sao, the globe of Noah’s Heart is online.

  • Thorough personality creation
  • Your character is not linked to a class
  • You battle with sword and also guard, sheet, double blades or a spear, however you can transform
  • An open world with five various continents
  • Interaction with genuine players or NPCs

_ In 2020 the programmers released a trailer that reveals the gameplay of Noah s Heart: _

What is it still?

For whom is the video game appropriate? Fans of Sword Art Online will possibly like Noah’s Heart. Yet also players that have actually not seen the anime (yet) can enjoy the MMORPG. You are certainly right if you like colorful graphics and also anime style.

  • Furthermore, Noah s Heart provides various methods to relocate in the game globe. Through installs, trains, ships, helicopters and also motorbikes.
  • A minimum of three crafting alternatives are offered: food preparation, customizing and also creating
  • Real-Life-SIM: The MMO affixes importance to function play

  • Within the tale you choose that in fact have effects. You can allow NPCs pass away and the story goes totally different for you than for your colleagues.

For whom is the video game suitable? Fans of Sword Art Online will possibly love Noah’s Heart.

To what level is it comparable to Sao? At initial glimpse, the globe of Noah’s Heart seems to have a whole lot with that of Sao. As in the anime collection Sao, the world of Noah’s Heart is virtual.

MMO fans that value the story should additionally have a look at Noah’s Heart. The interactive tale, which is influenced by your decisions, develops a comparison to many other video games in which background is rather pointless.

What do you say about Noah’s Heart? Do you like the vibrant graphic, or do you prefer it a little dark? Do you bear in mind the anime Sword Art Online, or does it show way too many distinctions? Are you downloading the MMORPG as well as pointing? Please write it in the comments below on meinmmo!

Below s proceeds with a few MMORPG homeland tips on Vapor.

Hades, Cuphead, Undertail, etc.

Good Smile Company, a figures producer, released various game figures in line with the animation expo that began on the 1st.


The figures released through the official Twitter account are three types of the introductory version of ‘Pop-up Parade’, the SD version ‘Nendoroid (Nendo)’, and the action figure ‘Pygma’.

In this announcement, Hades ▲ ‘Zagreus’ pop-up, ▲ ‘Tanatos’ Nendo, Street Fighter ▲ ‘Chun-ri’ pop-up Undine ‘Nendo, Slime Rangeer 2 ▲’ Beatrix Levo ‘Nendo, Shovel Knights ▲’ Shopping Temple ‘Nendo, Shante Series ▲’ Shante ‘Nendo, Omori ▲’ Basil ‘Nendo, Journey ▲ You can see a variety of characters such as pop-up, Devil Summoner Kuzunoha Laido series, ‘Kuzuhaha Lai Dow’ Pygma, Valhalla: Cyberpunk Bartender Action and ‘Jill Stingray’ Nendo.

In addition to the Cyberpunk 2077, Animation Cyberpunk: Edge Runner’s ‘Lucy’ Nendo and ‘David Martinez’ Nendo announced the announcement.

The release date of the figures announced this time is undecided.

Dead by Daylight maybe the players the opportunity of 1 million blood points

Mort in daylight is making another Bloodpoint raffle, but this works a bit different from those we have seen before. You do not need a code you don’t even have to play Mort in daylight games to win Bloodpoints: all you have to do is complete a 50-questions questionnaire and perform well enough to participate and win. The prize is 1 million blood points, but the problem is that it is a kind of raffle that does not guarantee a victory and, in addition, the questionnaire is a bit more difficult than some could expect.

If you are interested in trying your world in the daylight, you can try your luck in the questionnaire visiting the link below. You will have to include your player ID to start, and have it incorrect means that you will not win no matter how competent you are when it comes to the day in the daylight_ questionnaires, so make sure it is correct before starting. However, it only has from July 2 at 10 am et to complete the questionnaire.

The questionnaire consists of 50 questions in which players gain points according to the amount of correct answers. Each question is worth two points, according to the rules, with a score of 90-100 that places it in the race for 1 million Bloodpoints. Behaviour Interactive said that he would give that award to 100 players, so although the draws never seem to give high hope of winning, at least you will have a better opportunity than if only a few players were chosen.

A quick look at the questions showed the variety of topics that deal with. Things like the effects of the advantages, as well as more specific questions, as with how many knives the cheater begins a game, they have to do with the side of the game, but there are also questions based on tradition, to verify how familiar the players are with the game. narratives and backgrounds of different characters.

You can make the questionnaire yourself if you want to see how you are doing, but, naturally, the players have already begun to share the answers in the forums to help others. With that in mind, don’t be surprised if there are many players competing for the Bloodpoint Prize.

WWE 2K22: Clowning Around Pack DLC prepares

In maintaining with today’s launch of the DLC, the main launch trailer for the Clowning Around Pack was provided, which quickly provided the wrestler it contains.

The stated download bundle bears the name Clowning Around Pack and also supplies you with a number of brand-new wrestlers. Including one or the various other tale from the nineties such as Doink the clown or Davey Boy Smith alias the British Bulldog, who passed away in 2002.

As 2K Sporting activities as well as the developers of Visual Concepts announced, the most recent DLC for WWE 2K22 is currently available on all platforms for which the wrestling title is offered.


the wrestlers included in the overview

  • Doink the Clown
  • Mr t.
  • Ronda Rousey.
  • The British Bulldog.
  • Rick Boogs.
  • Doudrop.

The brand-new download bundle did not stay today. Instead, the update to the version on variation 1.15 was likewise released. According to the designers of Aesthetic Ideas, the new spot discover adjustments to the characteristics of selected super stars as well as numerous renovations as well as mistake fixes.

Instead, the update to the variation on version 1.15 was also released. According to the programmers of Aesthetic Concepts, the brand-new patch locate modifications to the features of chosen super stars as well as numerous improvements and error solutions.

WWE 2K22 is available for the computer, PlayStation 4, the PlayStation 5, the Xbox One and also the Xbox Collection X/S.

Additional reports on WWE 2K22.

Apparently, Dragon Ball creator is working on a new project

Something that has surprised the fans of Dragon Ball, is that its creator Akira Toriyama has almost not had rest since the franchise returned to the relevance with the saga of Super . This has been demonstrated with manga, anime and movies, and now it seems that the creative is watching the horizon, since he is already working on a new project.

In an interview with the magazine _v-jump of shueisha that celebrated the launch of Dragon ball super: super hero, the producer akio iyoku spoke about the current state and revealed that Akira Toriyama is already committed to new series projects. Nothing can be discussed about it, but it is said that the creator always looks to the future.

Dragon Ball head, Akio Iyoku, confirms that he is already working on a new DBS project! Complete translation of the specific QNA published in V Jump!

Here the fragment of the interview:

Well, if you are asking, a new entry in the series is already brewing! Super Hero took us five years to do, so it is natural that we are already working on what comes next! Toriyama-Sensei is always working on new ideas for Dragon Ball, concepts and ideas. We are all thinking about what we want to show the world below.

In news related to the franchise. It was recently announced that there are new forms for both Cell and for Piccoro in the most recent film. In addition, there will be a special gift related to these characters. If you want to take a look at the full note, we invite you to click on the following link.

The insider called the games of July PlayStation Plus service

The Billbil-Kun insider, which has repeatedly drained information about the games of the next month for the PlayStation Plus service, once again shared the data.

In July 2022, according to the insider, Sony’s service subscribers will receive at their disposal Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s ABOUT TIME, ArcadegedDon and The Dark Pictures: The Man of Medan. The first two games will be available to players in the form of PS5 and PS4 versions, while the horror will be only a version for PS4.

June PlayStation Plus games will be available to add to the library until July 4, 2022, so if you have not taken them for yourself for some reason, then you still have time to do this. We remind you that in June, Sony’s subscribers received the 2018 God of War, as well as Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker and Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl.

Finals: Gambetta duplicated title in shot placed, Dauser in all -around.

The protecting champ from SV Halle won on Thursday in front of the Brandenburg Gate with 18.67 meters and also won the championship game title for the 3rd time. Gambetta was not completely pleased with her efficiency later on, yet stated: It was enjoyable before the objective, it is really steeped in background. I think we used the target market a good battle.

Maisch becomes 2nd and qualifies for the World Cup

Third place went to Katharina Maisch from the LV 90 Erzgebirge with simply 5 centimeters much less, which likewise survived the World Cup requirement. Third, Julia Ritter from TV Wattenscheid 01 was 18.25 meters. The finest German shot put Christina Schwanitz, which had been the very best German shot put, ended her profession four months earlier after the nationwide indoor championships in Leipzig.

Sieger dive by Katharina Maisch, Sara Gambetta as well as Julia Ritter (from left to right) Imago/Jan Huebner

The champions suffer from a couple of famous failures. 3 weeks prior to the World Cup in Eugene in the United States, javelin thrower Johannes Vetter is missing because of swelling in the shoulder as well as long-distance Konstanze Klosterhalfen after a corona infection and also barrier jogger Gesa Krause due to strong chilly signs and symptoms.

This Friday in the shot put field particularly developed for these two competitions in front of the Berlin site. All other self-controls will certainly after that happen on Saturday and also Sunday as component of the finals in the Berlin Olympic Stadium.

Dauser defends well-rounded title

Turner Lukas Dauser safeguarded his German championship title in well-rounded many thanks to a world-class efficiency at his parade device, bench. After a weak start, the Olympic runner-up passed the competitors as well as duplicated his previous year’s success at the finals. He prevailed in front of the Berliner Philipp Herder and also Glenn Trebing from Hanover.

I wished to locate an excellent beginning right into the period. I likewise succeeded with six exercises without dropping. I needed to combat at the bar, however then I got benches truly well caught, stated the 29-year-old at the ARD microphone.

nguyens resurgence stops working

The 34-year-old came to the bar on the bar, where he won Olympic silver 10 years back, too soon as well as missed the last. The two-time European champion, who will certainly continue his job, had actually just fought his method back after a cruciate ligament tear-and did not finish a complete all-around, but just did three out of 6 tools.

Adam wins for females

In the women, Leonie Adam dethroned her Stuttgart club associate Aileen Rösler, that had actually protected the national title in the previous year as well as became 3rd this time around. Second area mosted likely to Maya Möller from Dietzenbach.

Sarah Wellbrock reveals her gold medal. Imago/Eibner

Wellbrock swims to the title over 1500 meters freestyle

Swimmer Sarah Wellbrock, as anticipated, won the German championship title over 1500 meters freestyle with a large lead as well as substantially below her performance. The 28-year-old struck on Thursday after 16: 29.25 mins as well as won in advance of Fabienne Wenske as well as Julia Barth.

decisions in canal auto racing

The Canadier duo Lina Bielicke from Karlsruhe as well as Nico Pickert from Linden-Dahlhausener KC has won the first choice in canal racing. On Thursday, they prevailed on the brief sprint route versus Leipzig’s ex-world champ Peter Kretschmer, that drove with the Neubrandenburg indigenous Anette Wehrmann on Thursday.

The safeguarding champ from SV Halle won on Thursday in front of the Brandenburg Gate with 18.67 meters and won the national champion title for the third time. Gambetta was not totally satisfied with her performance later on, yet stated: It was fun in front of the objective, it is very steeped in background. Turner Lukas Dauser protected his German championship title in well-rounded many thanks to a world-class performance at his ceremony tool, the bar. The 34-year-old came to the bar on the bar, where he won Olympic silver ten years ago, too soon and missed out on the final. The Canadier duo Lina Bielicke from Karlsruhe and also Nico Pickert from Linden-Dahlhausener KC has actually won the very first decision in canal racing.

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